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Abstract: In this article we will learn how to create REST APIs using Node.js, MongoDB and Express (MEAN Stack) and then consume it in an ASP.NET MVC application
Category ASP.NET MVC Views: 1347
Abstract: Implement custom validation in an ASP.NET MVC app using Custom Directive in AngularJS
Category ASP.NET Views: 944
Abstract: Use Custom Exception filters in ASP.NET Web API to manage custom messages to be sent to the client application.
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Abstract: Not many SharePoint developers are aware that apps come in two distinct 'flavours': low-trust and high-trust apps. In this article I will introduce the less known app model: high-trust or S2S apps
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Abstract: ES6 adds the support of promise API to the language. It is also possible to design some asynchronous APIs using generators. In this article, we will explore asynchrony in the next version of JavaScript.
Category WPF Views: 1516
Abstract: Walkthrough for using WPF commanding for enabling / disabling Button with Command Property
Category jQuery and ASP.NET Views: 4160
Abstract: Using jQuery and jQuery UI, we will first bind a textbox autocomplete widget to a remote datasource.
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Abstract: ASP.NET 5 has been designed to make it simpler to work with some of the coolest modern web development tools like AngularJS and Grunt. This article uses these technologies to create an end-to-end Virtual Tutorial Tracker application.
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Abstract: ASP.NET Web Forms isn’t dying anytime soon. This article discusses Web Forms role within the new Microsoft development ecosystem and introduces some of the new features available within Web Forms.
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Abstract: ScreenCapture class in Windows Phone 8.1 allows you to build screen capturing functionality for your applications. This feature can be useful to understand your end audience and how they interact with your app.
Category DNC Magazine Views: 3573
Abstract: This article talks about Object Oriented Programming (OOP), starting with the basics.
Category ASP.NET MVC Views: 4824
Abstract: We will see how to use ASP.NET MVC 5 with Bootstrap which is a popular HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework for front-end web development.
Category Windows Azure Views: 2643
Abstract: Create an active directory on Windows Azure and configure single sign-on for ASP.NET MVC applications using organizational authentication.
Category jQuery and ASP.NET Views: 2698
Abstract: Use jQuery to show hide columns depending on the checkbox you selected. We will also see how to show hide columns using header index.
Category SharePoint Views: 3337
Abstract: In this article, we will implement a SharePoint App using Angular.js. The Services and Controller features of Angular.js can be used to manage the SharePoint model declaration (controller scope objects) and external service calls (services) segregation will help to develop Apps for SharePoint effectively.

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