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Angular.js is a JavaScript framework that lets you extend HTML vocabulary for your application. It is fully extensible and works well with other libraries.

So far, we have published 26 AngularJS tutorials and articles, which have been read by over 774441 (Seven Hundred Seventy Four Thousand Four Hundred Forty One) developers and architects.

Category AngularJS Views: 17383
Abstract: Comparing VueJS to Angular and React js based on account performance, functionality, design flexibility and the learning curve.
Category AngularJS Views: 27674
Abstract: In this tutorial, we will explore how to develop an Angular 4 application using TypeScript. We will also explore Angular 4 New Features, Angular CLI, as well as differences between Angular v2 vs 4 application development.

Angular 2 with Webpack

Posted by: Mahesh Sabnis , on 3/2/2017
Category AngularJS Views: 23755
Abstract: Setting up Angular 2 with Webpack. Webpack optimizes module loading in the browser by minimizing the number of requests, and reducing the overall size.
Category AngularJS Views: 14770
Abstract: This Angular 2 DatePicker tutorial shows how to use the DatePicker UI element from the Angular 2 bootstrap project.
Category AngularJS Views: 10728
Abstract: In an Angular 2 application, a parent component can pass data to a child component. This article will demonstrate how to do it using @input binding.
Category AngularJS Views: 12002
Abstract: TypeScript simplifies development while creating angular modules and controllers. This article demonstrates the use of TypeScript in AngularJS applicatons
Category AngularJS Views: 43047
Abstract: Using Angular.js $q.all to call multiple ASP.NET Web API services at a time

Biological Modeling with AngularJS

Posted by: Gil Fink , on 4/27/2016
Category AngularJS Views: 17527
Abstract: A small use case of how to create a visualization of some biology data using AngularJS
Category AngularJS Views: 9548
Abstract: Sharing data across Angularjs controllers using Angular Factory object
Category AngularJS Views: 25026
Abstract: Using $httpBackEnd object in Angular.js for unit testing Angular services.

Angular.js Service and Factory

Posted by: Mahesh Sabnis , on 2/11/2016
Category AngularJS Views: 15976
Abstract: Understanding Angular.js services and factories, its differences and which one should you use.
Category AngularJS Views: 14220
Abstract: Unit testing Angular Controllers using Jasmine and Karma without requiring DOM.

Angular 2: Developer Preview

Posted by: Ravi Kiran , on 11/27/2015
Category AngularJS Views: 26420
Abstract: Angular 2 is written from ground-up using latest features available in the web ecosystem. This article explains some core concepts and principles and also teaches you how to create an Angular 2 component using TypeScript.
Category AngularJS Views: 18811
Abstract: Learn to create interesting biological models and graphics using SVG and AngularJS
Category AngularJS Views: 11783
Abstract: Use Require.js and Angular.js in Visual Studio. We will use Bower to manage dependencies.
Category AngularJS Views: 25451
Abstract: In this article, we will how to use Angular’s $http service in an ASP.NET MVC app to retrieve data from the server.
Category AngularJS Views: 39822
Abstract: Use AngularJS to search a grid populated using ASP.NET WebAPI
Category AngularJS Views: 16043
Abstract: In this last part of our AngularJS and Web API series, we will perform Insert/Update/Delete operations in our Project Tracking Website by using of AngularJS Services and Controllers
Category AngularJS Views: 13709
Abstract: See how routing works in AngularJS and how it helps navigate different views as per the users requirements
Category AngularJS Views: 30404
Abstract: This AngularJS cheat sheet aims at providing a quick reference to the most commonly used features in AngularJS. This cheat sheet is part 2 and aimed at Developers having Intermediate/Advanced skills.
Category AngularJS Views: 57957
Abstract: This AngularJS cheat sheet aims at providing a quick reference to the most commonly used features in AngularJS. It will also make you quickly productive with Angular. The cheat sheet is divided into two parts: Beginners and Intermediate/Advanced Developers.
Category AngularJS Views: 14969
Abstract: Explore how AngularJS Services plays an important role in our application development. We will separate the HTTP service call into AngularJS service and use it by injecting it into our Controllers.
Category AngularJS Views: 15178
Abstract: Use some of the built-in AngularJS Directives and learn how to apply filters, to sort and filter a table.
Category AngularJS Views: 25042
Abstract: Take a closer look at AngularJS Controllers. We will use AngularJS controllers to build the model for our Project Tracking website. Initially we will build the models for our project with some static data and later we will replace them with calls to HTTP Services.
Category AngularJS Views: 143542
Abstract: This article shows how to build REST based services using ASP.NET Web API
Category AngularJS Views: 103654
Abstract: A brief overview of why do we need AngularJS, what is AngularJS and an example of using AngularJS. This article is Part 1 of an interactive Project Tracking website using ASP.NET Web API and AngularJS.

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