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So far, we have published 6 Patterns & Practices tutorials and articles, which have been read by over 139737 (One Hundred Thirty Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty Seven) developers and architects.

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Abstract: Using Pure DI and the single level of abstraction per function rule to create Composition Roots that we can understand and navigate easily
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Abstract: This article presents a perspective of Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP) and presents an argument against some interpretation and practices of LSP that some people have/follow.
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Abstract: This article takes a fresh view of some of the existing Design Patterns and see how we can go about using them in real world dilemmas and concerns. This article mainly focuses on .NET Design Patterns using C# as the programming language.
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Abstract: This article presents the most widely misunderstood concepts about unit testing today and provides relevant information about how the practice actually occurs.
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Abstract: This article shares some essential IT Admin skills that every .NET developer should have before going live.
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Abstract: There are many best practices articles and coding guidelines for BizTalk, that are floating around the net, but they are not very conducive and pragmatic enough to the ‘IT services’ industry (especially in an offshore development model), to leverage them in their turnkey or T&M projects. This article attempts to fill those gaps.

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