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So far, we have published 53 WinForms & WinRT tutorials and articles, which have been read by over 4658767 (Four Million Six Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty Seven) developers and architects.

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Abstract: In this article we will see how you can develop a Weather gadget for Windows 7 which uses Yahoo Weather API for fetching Weather data. The application will also have some of the latest exciting features of Windows 7 like Thumbnail Toolbar and Progress bar.
Category WinForms & WinRT Views: 115912
Abstract: This article demonstrates how to programmatically increase, decrease and mute the volume
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Abstract: In this article we will see how we can use .Net and communicate with the most popular blogging tool Wordpress and post a new blog post. Before starting the development of our application, it is very important to learn about XML-RPC because we will be using XML-RPC to communicate with a Wordpress blog.
Category WinForms & WinRT Views: 133392
Abstract: In this article we will see how we can create a simple Desktop Translator which uses the Bing Translator API.
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Abstract: In this article, we will see how you can develop a simple Gtalk client using .NET using which you can notify your users that you are away from your desk.
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Abstract: The following article demonstrates how to bulk insert data into SQL Server 2008 using SqlBulkCopy.
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Abstract: In my previous article, Screenshot in 2 Clicks using .NET, we learnt how we can capture the screenshot with just 2 clicks. But what if we want to capture a part of the screen? In this article we will see how we can capture a part of screen with just few more addition to the existing code.
Category WinForms & WinRT Views: 114144
Abstract: As a developer, I take lot of screenshots and its time consuming to press the screenshot button, paste it in MSPaint or any other Image editing software and then save it. The pain is even more when we need to use two Buttons (Fn + PrintScreen) in most Laptops ;-). So I thought I will develop my own screenshot capturing tool which will allow me to take screenshots as well as save it in just two clicks. In this article I am going to show you how easy it is to develop your own tool using .NET.
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Abstract: Google does not have an official Gmail API. Having one would have made it very easy to create a notification application. In this article, I will show you how to exploit the Feed facility of Gmail to build our own Gmail Notifier.
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Abstract: The List(T) represents a strongly typed collection of objects which is highly optimized for providing maximum performance and can be accessed using an index. This class provides methods to loop, filter, sort and manipulate collections.In this article we will see some common operations like search, sort, loop and manipulating lists.
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Abstract: Most of us, who run websites/blogs or host technical content, face issues of our images being copied and displayed on other blogs. One of the solutions to this problem is watermarking our images with our logo or watermarking the website name on the images.In this article, I will propose a desktop solution using Windows Forms, which can be used to watermark images before you upload the images to the site.
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Abstract: In this article, we will explore how to drag, drop and move multiple items from a ListView control to a TreeView. We will also use the GiveFeedback event to change the default cursor during the drag drop operation.
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Abstract: If you have missed on some top articles of Windows Forms on, then this is a must read for you. The Top 10 articles have been decided by our editorial panel based on the popularity of the article, user rating and top views of the articles.
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Abstract: In this article, we will explore how to drag and drop nodes in a Treeview control. We will also explore how to search nodes in a TreeView.
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Abstract: In this article, we will explore how to perform some common tasks using the CheckBox Control of Windows Forms 2.0.

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