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Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) provides developers with a unified programming model for building modern line-of-business desktop applications on Windows.

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WPF ItemsControl – Advanced

Posted by: Kent Boogaart , on 11/18/2015
Category WPF Views: 4483
Abstract: This article talks about advanced topics in WPF ItemsControl such as grouping and custom layouts.
Category WPF Views: 4190
Abstract: This articles makes use of the Task class in WPF for creating responsive and interactive WPF apps
Category WPF Views: 5810
Abstract: Explore the fundamental concepts of the WPF ItemsControl class.
Category WPF Views: 8967
Abstract: Understanding Resources in WPF including difference between static and dynamic resource
Category WPF Views: 8434
Abstract: Walkthrough for using WPF commanding for enabling / disabling Button with Command Property
Category WPF Views: 7690
Abstract: System.Windows.Interactivity helps us to associate custom commanding for those WPF elements who do not have the Command property exposed. This article demonstrates how to implement custom behavior without making use of a 3rd party framework.
Category WPF Views: 68038
Abstract: The MVVM Light toolkit provides a lot of boiler plate code to implement Model-View-ViewModel based applications quickly and gives the user the freedom to customize and design the application. This article shows how to get started with MVVM development for WPF applications.
Category WPF Views: 20336
Abstract: WPF has a rich charting and graphical capability, however it is time-consuming to build your own charts from groundup. The ModernUI chart library is a free handy library which allows you to quickly display some statistical data in a graphical form. This article shows how to use this Library in your applications.
Category WPF Views: 12616
Abstract: The DataBinding features provided in WPF 4.5 are very useful for creating Rich Line-Of-Business applications where time and again, the UI needs to be either updated with a collection of data received from external repositories or to perform complex validation checks based upon some complex time consuming logic.
Category WPF Views: 31127
Abstract: Using WPF we can Read and Write Data to Excel files using OLEDB features. In this article, we will explain this technique with an application.

WPF 4.5: Using Live Shaping

Posted by: Mahesh Sabnis , on 8/14/2013
Category WPF Views: 33709
Abstract: Using Live Shaping in WPF 4.5, Views can be automatically updated when the collection is changed or in fact, when values in the collection are changed. We will explore this useful feature with an example.
Category WPF Views: 77904
Abstract: This article shows how to use property triggers in WPF to apply styles to the DataGrid at runtime.
Category WPF Views: 87799
Abstract: In this article, I have described a scenario where a WPF application is trying to use the task parallel library to load data. The app retrieves data using a WCF service and also accesses data from the local database server. The application dedicates a long running WCF service call to the Task class, so that the call to the service can be made asynchronously.
Category WPF Views: 67928
Abstract: This article demonstrates that in case of complex data representations like an Editable ListBox, using ItemsControls, we can easily configure Commanding for DataTemplates.
Category WPF Views: 86875
Abstract: Using Prism 4 application libraries, it is possible for us to attach custom Command and Behavior to any control. This supports code-less application development. In this article, we will use this concept to attach command and behaviour to a WPF Text Box.

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