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Abstract: Software development and bugs go hand-in-hand. Therefore, it is crucial when an error or exception occurs on the end-user's site that you get to know about them. Automatic Exception Reporting facilitates and increases the ease with which end-users can report bugs to you. At the same time, it provides a lot of pertinent information which you can use to resolve the problem quickly and easily. Automatic Exception Reporting can dramatically improve the customer satisfaction and sales of your software.
Abstract: Logging can be an invaluable tool during all stages of software development right from development to deployment/production. Good use of logging enables you to record and report errors, maintain audit trials, gather app usage statistics and gather performance benchmarks. This article discusses best practices to be following when using logging in your software. The Crypto Logger logging framework is used while discussing these best practices.
Abstract: This article shows how to use CryptoLicensing - a licensing and copy-protection system form LogicNP Software - to implement effective defenses against hackers and crackers and to reduce software piracy.
Abstract: An unprotected and unobfuscated .Net assembly is an easy target for piracy, reverse-engineering and IP theft. Crypto Obfuscator is a popular obfuscator from LogicNP Software which protects against these threats by using advanced software obfuscation, protection and encryption techniques