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Abstract: DataGrid is a very useful and powerful control whether used in a Windows or a Web application. Grouping data is a very common requirement in the DataGrid. In Silverlight 3 DataGrid, we can now group records with ease. In this article, we will first explore how to group data from a static datasource. Later on, we will then connect to database and group the data from the database.
Abstract: At times, it is very useful to allow users to create a site in SharePoint dynamically using code. SharePoint sites are a group of Libraries and Lists. In this article we will discuss how to create a SharePoint site through a WebService.
Abstract: Many a times, we may want to upload documents in a SharePoint server and place these documents in a document library. Document Libraries can consist of different files. The best part about this is that we can share these different files from the document library with other team members . In this article, we will discuss how to add a document to a SharePoint document library through a WebService.
Abstract: Silverlight 3 came out with many new features. Out of these new features, one feature is the “Out Of Browser Support” for Silverlight applications. What it means, is that now, we will be able to run our Silverlight applications from our desktop. When I saw that the first time, my reaction was a WOW. But then is this Out Of Browser app capable of utilizing services that my application connects to? In this sample, we will create an ‘Out of Browser’ Silverlight application and will connect that application to a web service.
Abstract: In Silverlight 2, one of the challenges faced by developers was navigation between pages. It was not easy to navigate from one Xaml page to the other. In Silverlight 3, Microsoft has introduced the Navigation Framework. In this article, we will explore the Navigation Framework in Silverlight 3 and see a demo of it.
Abstract: One of the most exciting announcements made in MIX 09 was Silverlight 3. We all have been waiting eagerly to see Silverlight grow in features. In this article, we will discuss how to install Silverlight 3 and upgrade your development environment.
Abstract: In this article, we will see how to select image and text files from the Client Machine using the OpenFileDialog control. We will also create a animation on the Image.
Abstract: In web applications, we often come across a requirement where we have to resize and redistribute space in our controls container. In such cases GridSplitter is a very useful control. GridSplitter is a control which allows us to change space between rows and columns of a Silverlight Grid Control at runtime. Let us explore this control in this article.
Abstract: In our projects, we often have a requirement of accessing Cross Domain Services in Silverlight. There are certain steps to be followed to able to do so. But what if the service is hosted in a console application or a windows service? In this article, we will follow a step by step approach and discuss how to create and consume a WCF Service hosted in a console application using Silverlight. We will also explore how to provide a Policy File at a given URI.