DNC Magazine for .NET Developers - Launch Edition

After serving thousands of online tutorials, tips and tricks for .NET developers for the last 5 years, DotNetCurry (DNC) is proud to present a high quality technical digital magazine for .NET techies. 'DNC Magazine' is a Free, bimonthly digital publication bringing you the latest from the .NET world presented by Microsoft MVP's and industry veterans, with years of experience in software development. This month's edition features hot topics like MVC4, SignalR, Knockout.js, TDD, VS ALM, HTML5, Azure and Metro Applications amongst others. Not to mention, a freewheeling interview with Ayende Rahien, the man behind RavenDB.

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Screenshots of the Magazine

Building ChirpyR in ASP.NET MVC

Build a fun "twitter" like Microblogging ASP.NET MVC application using WebApi + jQuery + SignalR + Knockout.js

Dependency Injection using Ninject

Learn the basics of Dependency Injection and how to use an Inversion of Control (IoC) container – Ninject in ASP.NET MVC

Interview with Ayende Rahien

A freewheeling interview with Oren Eini (aka Ayende Rahien), the man behind ‘Hibernating Rhinos’ and ‘RavenHQ'

VS ALM for High Profitability

Some Views on how the Visual Studio ALM suite can be used for improvement in productivity of software development

Metro Style Business Applications

Develop a Metro Style Business Application on Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012

Azure Adoption Best Practices

Some very useful tips and clarifications about the Windows Azure stack offering

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