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March 2013 .NET DNC Magazine

Dear Readers,

Wow, we are already 2 months into 2013. Time does fly, doesn’t it? Well, it sure does and things change rapidly in our industry. In this episode, we take a look at how two exciting products have changed since we first launched and also take a look at how one product is changing the perception of a programming language.

What have we got in store this time? We have Gregor Suttie walking us through the changes in RavenDB 2.0 that went live early January 2013. Next we have Suprotim Agarwal showing us what changed in SignalR now that it is a part of Microsoft Asp.NET bouquet. Next. First time author at DNC Magazine and core Nancy contributor Jonathan Channon shows us how get started with C# development using Mono on OSX as he builds a Markdown based ViewEngine using Nancy. We also have another new contributor Pravinkumar, who introduces us to the new SharePoint 2013 app model and how it’s different from previous SharePoint development models.

In the interview hot-seat we have industry stalwart John Papa talking to us about software development in general, JavaScript, Typescript and what he thinks of Modern UI development in Windows 8.

To round off we have ALM veteran Gouri Sohoni comparing three Test Automation suites and Sumit Maitra creating a custom jQuery Validator for MVC4.

Once again, we thank our fabulous contributors without whose time and effort this issue wouldn't have been possible.

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Screenshots of the Magazine

HTML5 Game in ASP.NET SignalR

Create a Tic-Tac-Toe game powered by SignalR, HTML5, KnockoutJS and ASP.NET MVC

Build Your Own .NET View Engine

Setup the Mono Framework and its companion IDE and build a .NET View Engine using Nancy

Comparing Automated Testing Tools

A side by side comparison of multiple Test Automation tools viz. Selenium, QTP and CUIT

Developing Apps for SharePoint 2013

Discover how SharePoint 2013’s App Model is a new opportunity for App Developers to build custom SharePoint and Office solutions

What's New in RavenDB 2.0

Quickly dive into the gems of the RavenDB 2.0 release and explore the new features and functionality that makes RavenDB better than ever before.

Custom jQuery Validator in MVC 4

Get down and dirty with the internals of building a custom jQuery validator for an ASP.NET MVC 4 webapp that helps compare length of a field to a value

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