FREE DNC Magazine for .NET Developers - 16th Issue (Jan-Feb 2015)

January 2015 .NET DNC Magazine

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! We all want the New Year to bring cheer for us. Let's bring you one of the first free good things of 2015 - the Sixteenth free edition (January-February 2015) of the DNC .NET Magazine.

In this edition, Gil gives us an overview of HTML5 Web Components and Ravi talks about EcmaScript 6 with some new language improvements in JavaScript. Subodh gives us an overview of how TFS and Visual Studio Online have embraced Git as one of the options for version control.

Todd Crenshaw has written a wonderful article on the strengths and drawbacks of SharePoint as a Content Management System. Raj takes a fresh look at .NET Design Patterns and demonstrates very helpful answers to some very common problems. In our regular Software Gardening column, Craig analyzes Agile to see what it really means. To round off, Ravi explores ServiceStack and Suprotim demonstrate how to create your own jQuery plugin using the Boilerplate plugin template.

We thank our fabulous contributors Craig, Gil, Raj, Ravi, Subodh, Suprotim, Todd and technical reviewers Alfredo and Suprotim without whose time and efforts this edition wouldn't have been possible.

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Screenshots of the Magazine

HTML5 Web Components

HTML5 Web Components

Explore HTML5 Web Components with an example

.NET Design Patterns

.NET Design Pattern

A fresh look at .NET Design Patterns

ECMAScript 6


New Language Improvements in JavaScript

Why SharePoint as a CMS?

Sharepoint CMS

Does SharePoint qualify the requirements of a CMS?

Agile is not for the faint-hearted


Analyzing Agile and what it really means

Visual Studio Online with GIT


Embracing Git in TFS and VSO

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