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November 2012 .NET Magazine

Greetings fellow Techies,

First up, season’s greetings to everyone. We wish everyone a joyful Festival/Holiday Season over the next couple of months. We are back with the Third Edition of the ‘DNC Magazine’ and have our usual bouquet of exclusive .NET articles for you.

What have we got in store this time? Well this time we are covering Processes using TFS 2012, Async Await in C# 5.0, an Introduction to Knockout JS in ASP.NET MVC, Azure IAAS (useful tips to keep in mind), Microsoft’s Complier as a service - the Roslyn project in action, Hands on - How to create Visual Studio 12 extensions, Notifications and Live Tiles using WinJS and building a quick prototype using Infragistics Ignite UI.

In the Interview section, we have Jon Galloway from Microsoft (in his personal capacity). Jon has some amazing experiences to share (outside the .NET world too). Do not miss out.

Once again, we thank our fabulous contributors without whose time and effort this issue wouldn't have been possible.

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Embracing Scrum/CMMI in TFS 2012

Explore how strongly Team Foundation Server 2012 supports the implementation of SCRUM and CMMI processes.

Tips for Windows Azure IAAS

Five useful points for those starting off their IAAS journey on the Azure platform.

Async & Await in C# 5.0

Explore the new Async and Await pattern for asynchronous development in C# 5.0 and the differences from the traditional practices in place so far.

Create a Snappy UI with KnockoutJS

Learn about KnockoutJS, a JavaScript library that bring tons of richness to your ASP.NET MVC application.

Meet Roslyn - Compiler as a Service

Roslyn provides the means to use C# and VB.NET as scripting languages and use the respective compilers as a service.

Extending Visual Studio 2012

Learn how to Develop a Package to create compressed archives of current solution in Visual Studio 2012.

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