FREE DNC Magazine for .NET Developers - 4th Issue (January-February 2013)

January 2013 .NET Magazine

Dear Readers,

From the entire team at DotNetCurry we wish everyone a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year. The fourth issue of ‘DNC Magazine’ is here and it ushers in 2013 with a platter full of exclusive .NET articles.

What have we got in store this time? We start with Filip W.’s innovative use of Azure Mobile Services (aka Zumo); next we have Raj Aththanayake’s introduction of the Fakes framework, followed by an introduction to MVVM Light (for Windows 8 Store Apps) by Piotr Walat. We also hack into ASP.NET OAuth (Twitter) integration, find out more about the Web Essentials plugin, Storyboarding and Client Feedback using TFS and how to design a Lossless Information System using a traditional SQL Server setup.

In the Interview section, we have Pete Brown from Microsoft (in his personal capacity). Pete shares a lot about his hobbies, passions and some behind the scenes work on Windows 8.

Once again, we thank our fabulous contributors without whose time and effort this issue wouldn't have been possible.

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Screenshots of the Magazine

Windows Azure Mobile Services

Explore an exciting new cloud service that gets your app up and running without having to worry about scaling your Database!

Microsoft Fakes framework

Get started with the Microsoft Fakes framework in Visual Studio 2012 and take a quick run-down on how to use Fakes, Shims, Stubs and Observers to build a robust test harness for your .NET applications

MVVM Light Toolkit for Windows 8

Walkthrough of some features of the MVVM Light Toolkit for Windows 8 Store Apps

Real World OAuth in ASP.NET MVC

Hack into the new OAuth integration using DotNetOpenAuth in an ASP.NET MVC application and retrieve all possible user information from the Provider.

Storyboarding & Client feedback in TFS

Walk through a possible workflow using Visual Studio TFS 2012, specifically Storyboarding and Feedback Client tools.

Web Essentials for Visual Studio 2012


Explore the features of one of the most productive plug-ins for web developers

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