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May 2013 .NET DNC Magazine

Dear Readers,

As the month of May commences, just like the weather, the technology scene is as hot as it can be. Keeping up with the times, DNC Magazine presents the freshly baked May-June 2013 issue. New authors, exclusive content and interview with a C# Legend, that’s about all we got for you this month!!!

To start off with we welcome Fanie Reynders as our newest contributor. Fanie shows us how to get started with the new Hot Towel SPA template created by our previous episode’s interviewee John Papa.

Next we talk to Eric Lippert, the C# Guru. Eric was a long time Microsoft employee and a hard core C# enthusiast. He was infact a part of the C# language team version 3.0 onwards. Currently Eric is with Coverity helping develop Static Code Analysis Products. We talk to him about all things C# and a little beyond. Don’t miss his tips on little known C# language features at the end of the interview.

Now we could go on about all the fabulous content we have in the rest of the magazine, or we could just let you hit the ‘Subscribe’ button (if you are not subscribed already).

Suffice to say that we have TFS Customization, SharePoint Workflows, Web API, CSS 3 Media Queries and Azure Push Notifications covered. Also a special mention to Omar Al Zabir’s fantastic article on IT Administration best practices, that’s a gold mine of information that comes only from ‘in the trenches’ experience with real life production systems.

Once again, we thank our fabulous contributors Fanie, Filip Ekberg, Subodh Sohoni, Omar, Pravin, Suprotim and Sumit without whose time and efforts this issue wouldn't have been possible.

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Screenshots of the Magazine

14 IT Admin Skills for .NET Devs

Essential IT Admin skills that every .NET developer should have before going Live

Real-Time Network Apps in .NET

Build a near real-time system using the .NET SignalR framework

Document Driven ALM

Use TFS 2012 APIs in collaboration with the SharePoint platform

Head First Into ASP.NET Web API

Introducing ASP.NET Web API briefly before building Media Formatters in Web API

Responsive Image Viewer in ASP.NET MVC

Building Responsive UI in ASP.NET MVC apps using CSS 3 Media Queries

Push Notifications in Windows 8 Apps

Introducing the Windows Push Notification Service and how to implement it for Windows 8 Store Apps using Azure Mobile Services

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