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May 2013 .NET DNC Magazine

Dear Friends,

Time really flies! Hard to believe that it’s already 6 years since we started and 12 months since we started DNC Magazine. Yes, it is our Anniversary and everyone’s welcome to this virtual party!

In this anniversary edition, we are featuring articles on ASP.NET MVC extensibility, Azure SQL DB and Reporting, SharePoint and OData, Microsoft Pex Framework and more. We have a unique combination where we mix TFS + Android up. We have more on two Hot OSS projects – one enables you to use C# in ways not done before – the ScriptCS project and the second lets you look deep into your ASP.NET applications – the Glimpse project. Plus we have another take on the age old problem of paginating and sorting tabular data, this time we wield the power of Knockout to slay it! Last but not least we take a look at an Open Spec called OWIN and see how it is leveraged in SignalR’s self-hosting scenario!

Once again, we thank our fabulous contributors Filip W, Mahesh Sabnis, Pravinkumar Dabade, Raj Aththanayake , Subodh Sohoni, Sumit Maitra and Suprotim Agarwal without whose time and efforts this issue wouldn't have been possible.

Now with the usual stuff aside, here is how you get into the party!

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Update: This Giveaway has ended! The winners will be announced by August 10th and please allow time till August 31st to deliver the prizes! You may still subscribe as the magazines are FREE!

Here's the list of winners: Jason Von Ruden, Behrad Izadi, Digish A D, Edison Capiz, Matt Freiburg, Mattias, Christophe Lambrechts, Diptimaya Patra, Sathish Kumar, Alexander DiMauro, Grant Palin, Durgesh Nayak, Praveen Joshi, Colin Cassidy, Rod McBride, Theo Bos, David L, Wouter de Kort, Dar Win 2000, Brice Chapellier, Cesar Negrete, Ushah, Daniel Lorenz, John Hilpp, Joel Zinn, Pablo, Nicholas Ethier, Md Ibrahim Rashid, Mark Henley, Don Whitaker, Darek Tomyn, Sumit Maitra, Nick Tent, Steven Jenkins, Steve, Patrick Farnan, Otsile Earl Kole, Jorrit Salverda, Rajiv Mounguengue, atreidas, Donnie Pruitt, Antri K, Joseph Webster, Dino Bavaro, Christian Mandl, Lyn MacKay, Paul Buckmaster, Prashant, Eric, Erich Singer, Eric Bovis, Simon Earle, Sandeep Wuthoo, Gerry Doyle, swapon, Chris, Andre, Steingress, Craig Gates, Darek Tomyn, Brice, Colin, Ben Jedrocha, Praveen Prajapati, Dean, Tom Vandevoorde, Luke

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Screenshots of the Magazine

Data Driven MVC View Engine

A working ASP.NET MVC view engine that loads views defined in a SQL database

ScriptCS - Scripting in C#

An OSS initiative to bring revolutionary, friction-less scripting experience to C# developers

Sharepoint 2013 - BCS & OData

Use OData to perform CRUD operations on External Data in Sharepoint 2013

Microsoft Pex Framework & Code Digger

Explore an interesting MS Research project called Microsoft Pex and a VS 2012 Plugin, Code Digger

Sortable, Paged Grid using Knockoutjs

Create a Paged, Sortable DataGrid using KnockoutJS and ASP.NET Web API

Android Client for TFS 2012

Explore TFS OData Services which makes it possible to access TFS from an Android client

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