Magazine Edition Contents

  • Edition 49

    Real Time apps with Blazor WebAssembly and SignalR

    Nullable reference types in C# - Best Practices

    Azure Data Studio

    Continuous Deployment for Serverless Applications

    Tic Tac Toe in F# - Part 2

    Architecture of Cloud Applications

    Machine Learning - Fundamentals

    Edition 46

    Using Blazor, TensorFlow and ML.NET to Identify Images

    Unit Testing Angular Services, HTTP Calls and HTTP Interceptors

    Automated Actions on Azure Monitor Alerts

    Developing Cloud Applications in .NET

    Azure Cognitive Search Apps in an Angular Application

    Coding Practices: The Most Important Ones (Part I)

    Artificial Intelligence — Fact or Fiction?

    Edition 44

    Diving into Azure CosmosDB

    Automation in Microsoft Azure

    Streamlining your VS Project Setup

    Function Parameters in C#

    Developing Mobile applications in .NET

    Devops timeline

    Edition 42

    ASP.NET Core VUE CLI templates

    Reactive Azure Service Bus messaging with Azure Event grid

    Asynchronous Producer Consumer attern in .NET C#

    State in Multi-threaded C# applications

    Shipping Pseudocode to Production

    Current State of web development for .NET Developers

    Zero Downtime deployment for ASP.NET Applications

    Edition 40

    .NET Development — The Road Ahead

    Xamarin Forms 4.0 — What’s New?

    Designing Data Objects — More Examples

    Unit Testing Angular Directives and Pipes

    Parallel Workflow with the .NET Task Parallel Library (TPL) Dataflow

    Introduction to Reactive Forms

    Using SignalR with Vue.js to create a Mini RipOff

    Edition 38

    Blazor Overview

    CQS — A simple but powerful pattern

    Non-Functional Requirements — The Unsung Heroes

    The Evolution of C#

    Writing Pure Code in C#

    Serverless Apps with Azure Functions

    Unit Testing in Angular Components

    Edition 36

    C# 8.0 — New Planned Features

    Aspect Oriented Programming in C# via Functions

    Unit Testing with Vue-Test-Utils, Mocha, WebPack

    Dependency Injection Techniques in Angular

    Azure Custom Vision and Xamarin

    HTTP Client in Angular Applications — Advanced Scenarios

    Dynamic Binding Support in C#

    TypeScript — A Tour of Generics

    Edition 34

    Unit Testing ASP.NET Core Applications

    Machine Learning — A Primer

    How Well Do You Know C#

    Deploying Angular Apps to Azure Using Docker

    Mysteries of DevOps — Unravelling

    Using Cognitive Services to Make your Apps Smarter

    C# Favorite Features through the Years

    Fast Azure CosmosDB Development with the DocumentDB Package

    Integration Testing for ASP.NET Core Apps

    The Producer-Consumer DataFlow Pattern in .NET

    Edition 32

    What’s New in Xamarin.Forms 3.0

    Building WebApps with Knockout.js and ASP.NET Core

    Continuous Testing in .NET

    Resource Management in complex C# Apps

    State of Entity Framework Core

    ASP.NET Core WebAPI Attributes

    What’s New for .NET Developers

    Angular Universal Apps using Node.js

    Edition 30

    Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)

    Error Handling in Large Projects

    Data and Encapsulation in complex C# Applications

    Revisiting SOLID Principles

    Using TypeScript to Implement Multi-Platform Libraries

    ASP.NET Core Custom Binders

    Angular 4 App Development with Bootstrap and TypeScript

    Comparing Vue.js with Angular and React

    Edition 28

    Automated Testing Using Composition Root

    Building DockNetFiddle using Docker and .NET Core

    Visual Studio Code — Quick Guide

    Automated CI/CD for Xamarin Apps

    Agile Development Best Practices using VS 2015

    Coding Guidelines — Important for Everyone

    Migrating from Bootstrap 3 to 4

    ASP.NET Core — CSRF Defence

    Edition 26

    Scalable Apps in Azure — Conceptual Overview

    .NET Core — .NET of Future or Future of .NET

    Aspect Oriented Programming with SOLID principles

    Broadcast Realtime Notifications with Signalr and Knockoutjs

    Log Analytics (OMS) in Azure

    C# Async-Await Best Practices

    A Vanity Look at ASP.NET Core

    Edition 24

    TypeScript Overview

    SOLID — Dependency Injection

    Clean Composition Roots with Pure DI

    C# 7.0 — Expected Features

    Microsoft Bot Framework and Cognitive Services

    Migrating from SQL to NoSQL using Azure DocumentDB

    Test your C# Basics

  • Edition 48

    Artificial Intelligence - The What, Why, How

    Microservices Architecture

    Kubernetes for Developers

    Architecting Web Applications

    React.js Lifecycle and Hooks

    React.js Forms

    Tic Tac Toe in F#

    Edition 47

    Progressive Web Applications

    Getting started with Application Architecture

    Source Control in Azure DevOps (Best Practices)

    Memoization in JavaScript, Angular and React

    The End of Innovation outside the Cloud

    Machine Learning for Everybody

    Product Development in Azure DevOps

    Dynamic Class Creation in C# using Roslyn CaaS

    Goodbye Xamarin.Forms, Hello .NET MAUI

    Coding practices - My Top Ones

    Digital Transformation with MSFT during COVID-19

    Creating APIs using Azure Functions

    Architecting Desktop and Mobile applications in .NET

    Angular 9 & 10 Cheatsheet

    Edition 45

    Demystifying Microsoft Ignite For Developers

    Developing SPA with ASP.NET CORE V3.0

    The Maybe Monad in C# - More Methods

    Manage Azure Virtual Machines with ARM Templates

    C# 8.0 Major New Features

    Edition 43

    The Maybe Monad C#

    Building a cloud roadmap with MS Azure

    Authentication in ASP.NET Core, SignalR and VUE applications

    Azure Devops search — Deep Dive

    Integration Testing of Real-time communication in ASP.NET Core

    Configuration driven Mobile DevOps

    Using YAML in Azure Pipelines

    Developing Desktop applications in .NET

    Edition 41

    Using and Developing .NET Core Global Tools

    Template Driven Forms in Angular

    The history of ASP.NET

    Global State in C# Applications

    Working with Barcodes in Xamarin.Forms

    Controlling Change Detection using onPush and ChangeDetectionRef

    New C# 8 features in Visual Studion 2019

    Edition 39

    Composing Honest Methods in C#

    ReactJS Router Basics

    Build a Center Of Excellence — Blueprint

    Facade Design Pattern — Relevant in ASP.NET Core?

    VSTS in now Azure DevOps

    Building SPA with Angular Router

    Choosing the Right .NET Collection Class

    Edition 37

    Angular Evolution

    Xamarin.Forms v3 — CheatSheet

    Managing Vue State with VueX

    Integration Testing Done Simple with SqlLocalDB

    Sharing and Multithreading in C#  - A Deep Dive

    Writing Honest Methods in C#

    .NET Core Development in VS Code

    AoT in Angular

    Interview with Mads Torgersen

    Edition 35

    Designing Data Objects in C#

    Microsoft’s DevOps Story

    The Mindset of a Software Craftsman

    Kubernetes — Overview

    Visual Studio App Center — Overview

    New Graph SQL Features

    ASP.NET Core Apps — End-to-End Testing

    Writing Apps for Different .NET Framework Versions

    Angular Apps using ASP.NET Core Angular CLI Templates

    Edition 33

    The Producer Consumer Pattern in .NET

    Angular Application Architecture

    C# 7.x and Beyond

    ASP.NET Core 2.0 — What’s New

    Visual Studio 2017 — New Features

    EcmaScript 8 — What’s New

    Flux vs MVC

    DynamicQueue — Seamless Communication in C#

    Edition 31

    Functional Programming for C# Developers

    Azure Best Practices for Commonly Used Workflows

    Using MVVM in your Xamarin.Forms Apps

    Bot Platform and its various Components

    Angular 4 Development CheatSheet

    Using Generics in C# to improve Application Maintainability

    Azure Logic Apps — An Overview

    ASP.NET Core Template Vue.js and WebPack

    UX Hype or Reality

    .NET Standard 2.0

    Edition 29

    JavaScript Frameworks for ASP.NET MVC Developers

    Concurrent Programming in .NET Core

    React.js — Getting Started

    Reduce Bad Code with Code Reviews

    Building 5 Start Apps in Xamarin Test Cloud

    Singleton — Pattern or Anti-Pattern

    Using Elastic Search, Kibana, .NET Core and Docker

    Redux Pattern — Getting Started

    Edition 27

    .NET Standard — Cross Platform Development

    Aspect Oriented Programming with T4 templates

    Serverless Architecture — Way forward

    Organizing Front-end code in ASP.NET Core

    Azure Elastic Pools for Saas apps

    Exploring Bootstrap 4

    Code Quality Tools in VS 2015

    Edition 25

    Agile for Fixed Bid Projects

    Object Composition with SOLID

    Facebook Skypebot using Cognitive Services

    Project Centinnial — UWP Migration Path

    Cross-Platform Mobile App Development using Xamarin

    Transpiling ES6 Modules using Babel

    Demystifying Azure Platform

    DevTest Labs in Azure

    Interview with Eric Lippert

    Edition 23

    Roslyn — Overview

    Liskov Substitution Principle and Composition Root

    Working with NOSQL using Azure DocumentDB

    Metaprogramming in ES6 using Symbols

    Interface Segregation Principle

    Home Pi Windows 10 IoT

    Azure AD Essentials