FREE DNC Magazine for .NET Developers - 2nd Issue (September-October 2012)

September 2012 (#232)

HERE WE GO, after 60 agonizing days of waiting since we released the first issue, DotNetCurry is happy to present the September-October 2012 issue of the DNC Magazine. To our eager readers who were waiting since August 1, we are happy to know our content has brought so much interest. If you can believe us, we would love to come to you as soon as possible, but the bi-monthly schedule (once every two months) is something that we have started off, all things considered. So our next issue will now be due November 2012.

What have we got in store this time? - Windows 8 in all shape, form and size :-).Yes, it's the 'new release' season at Microsoft and we are bringing as much new stuff as we can. This time we have WinRT+C#+XAML, WinRT+WinJS, WinRT+Testing and even a Tiled Web Framework!

Apart from that we have WCF 4.5, Twitter Bootstrap+ASP.NET MVC, Testing Benefits, Azure Caching and HadoopOnAzure too! Last but not least, we have our special guest in the Interview chair. The one and only Jon Skeet! Make sure you attempt the Jon's C# Trivia Quiz

Once again, we thank our fabulous contributors without whose time and effort this issue wouldn't have been possible.

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Screenshots of the Magazine

Twittelytics - A Windows 8 Style App

Explore the nuances of Modern UI Style Application Development by building a ‘non-default’ looking application that follows the Windows 8 Design Aesthetic.

DropTiles - A Web Dashboard

Using plain HTML, JS and CSS, Droptiles replicates the awesome Metro style experience that Windows 8 has brought to the world.

Refactor a Windows 8 Style App

Explore some key concepts that involves making a testable Windows 8 style app (XAML/C#)

Introducing Windows Azure Caching

Learn about the new Windows Azure Caching (Preview) and how to use it to build high performance cloud applications

What's New in WCF 4.5

Explore the new features of WCF 4.5 with significant improvements with respect to setup, configuration and protocol support

Responsive UI Using ASP.NET MVC

Explore how to build a Responsive UI using Twitter Boostrap and ASP.NET MVC

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