Creating Empty Websites with Microsoft® Expression® Web

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Abstract: In this article we will learn how to create an empty Website before adding web pages to it. A website is a collection of web pages and files and folders organized to provide information accessible from the web.

A website is a collection of web pages and related media, like image files, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) files, script files or even movie or sound clips. It is an essential collection of files and folders organized in such a way to provide some type of information that could be accessed from the web.

Creating an empty Website

There are several ways to create website in Microsoft® Expression® Web. Since we are creating an empty web site we will create it from scratch. Follow the steps given below:

1.      From the File Menu select New – Web Site… Or from the Common Toolbar click on the arrow next to the New icon (button) as shown in the figure below.

Expression Web New Website

2.      When you choose the Web Site option a New website dialog box comes up with a couple of choices.   

Expression Web New Web Site Dialog box

Web Site tab is selected by default which displays the below options:

A.       General site:

You can opt for any of the following three options;

a.       One Page Web Site - to create a new website with a single blank page.

b.      Empty Web Site – to create a blank website

c.       Import Web Site Wizard – to create a Web site filled with documents from a directory on your local computer or a remote file system.

B.       Templates:

    Expression® Web ships with a pre-designed bunch of templates you can choose from to create you website. These templates are designed in different categories to suit your purpose like, Event, Organization, Personal and Small Business.

C.       Specify the location of the new Web Site:

      The default location Microsoft® Expression® Web chooses to save the website is under ‘My Documents\My Web Sites\’ folder on your Operating System drive. You can change this path by clicking on ‘Browse…’ Then you can give a name to your website.

D.       Options:

a.       Add to current Web Site 

      You can check this checkbox if you want to create website within an existing website, like a sub site. 

b.       Use Encrypted Connection (SSL) 

    When you check the Use Encrypted Connection (SSL) checkbox, Expression Web will automatically change the URL you have specified if necessary so it uses HTTPS instead of HTTP. When this option is selected, any data sent over the network (including your username and password) will be encrypted.     


3.      Since you are creating an empty website, you can either choose One Page Web Site or Empty Web site. Choose other necessary options and click Ok to create the website.

4.      When the website is created the Folder List task pane is updated to list the contents of the Web site. The Editing Window in Expression® Web shows a ‘Web Site’ tab that too displays the contents of the website.  


NOTE: In an Empty Website, Folder List would display only the root folder name and path. The Web Site tab doesn’t display anything. But a website that has been created from a template or by importing website from a remote file system, would display all the folders and pages of the website.   


Expression Web New Web Site created

5.      Once your website is created you can add pages and create folders in it. Folders would help in organizing different types of files in the website such as all the image can be saved into Images folder; all scripts can be saved in Scripts folder and so on. 

6.      You can create a new page or a new folder by selecting the same buttons in the Folder list task pane. 


NOTE: While creating folders, care needs to be taken as to where the folder is created. If the folder needs to be created in the root directory, select the root directory before selecting the option for create new folder.   


In this article we have learnt how to create empty or blank websites. Once we create the website we can add pages to it. In our future article we will explore how to add pages to websites.




This article has been editorially reviewed by Suprotim Agarwal.

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