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So far, we have published 6 Reactjs tutorials and articles, which have been read by over 1416726 (One Million Four Hundred Sixteen Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Six) developers and architects.

Abstract: This article discusses best practices for structuring React.js applications, focusing on three main approaches: Group by Feature, Group by File Type, and a Hybrid Approach. The tutorial also covers how to integrate modern React features, such as Redux, Hooks, Stateful Container Components, Context API, Testing libraries, and Styled-components, into the application structure.
Abstract: This guide provides a comprehensive overview of React.js, from creating components and passing props to using popular libraries like Redux and React Router. It covers advanced topics such as React Hooks, Context, and Higher-Order Components, and provides tutorials on styling components conditionally with CSS, using Formik and Yup for form validation, and testing components with Jest and Enzyme. Perfect for beginners and experienced React developers alike.
Abstract: This React.js tutorial will get you started with Forms in React.js by building a simple form and and showing how to perform validations on the form fields. The examples in the article use React functional components and React hooks.
Abstract: This React tutorials shows how to read the change event of all inputs using a single method and handle event of child component in the parent component.

Getting to Know the Redux Pattern

Authored by: Gil Fink in Reactjs on 4/2/2017
Abstract: In this article, we will explore the Redux pattern, why Redux and how it can help tackle SPA complexities.
Abstract: React js is an open source declarative and flexible JavaScript library from Facebook for building user interfaces. This tutorial gets you started with React.js with some examples.

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