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So far, we have published 4 Machine Learning & AI tutorials and articles, which have been read by over 733910 (Seven Hundred Thirty Three Thousand Nine Hundred Ten) developers and architects.

Abstract: Machine learning is glorified statistics. That is, machine learning looks to solve problems by identifying patterns in historical data. This tutorial will equip you with a general knowledge about machine learning, which will form a basis to to examine individual machine learning techniques in more detail.
Abstract: This tutorial on Artificial Intelligence covers a lot of ground. It discusses what intelligence is, what exactly we mean by artificial intelligence, its limitations and some myths around it. The tutorial also discusses the emergence of artificial intelligence, its history and some examples of real-world problems that are currently being solved by artificial intelligence.
Abstract: In this first tutorial on our Machine Learning Tutorial series, we will explain the very essence of computer science. Machine learning, far from being a magic pill, is a powerful problem-solving technique that works well for certain types of problems. What these problems look like, and exactly the different techniques that machine learning relies on to solve these problems, is the sole purpose of this Machine Learning tutorial series.
Abstract: Machine Learning as a concept or term is fairly known in the tech world now. This tutorial is a short and sweet primer on this topic, as well as on the Azure Machine Learning Studio. After reading this article, you can confidently have a 10 minute elevator talk to anyone on Machine Learning.

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