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So far, we have published 52 C# tutorials and articles, which have been read by over 7260841 (Seven Million Two Hundred Sixty Thousand Eight Hundred Forty One) developers and architects.

Abstract: This tutorial explores the evolution of string interpolation in C# from its inception to the latest enhancements. This guide delves into its features, showcasing its readability, conciseness, and flexibility. Read this article to stay updated with the most beloved feature of C# and enhance your coding experience.
Abstract: The tutorial explains how a .NET Developer can take advantage of GitHub Actions. It presents two ways to create a GitHub Actions workflow for a .NET solution.
Abstract: In this article, I try to show how async/await can be used to solve problems in situations where developers may not think about async/await as an immediate solution.

Async streams in C# – Deep Dive

Authored by: Damir Arh in C# on 2/9/2022
Abstract: This article explores C# async streams in detail: from the basics and the reasoning behind them, to real-world examples of using and creating them.

Tic Tac Toe in F# - Part 3

Authored by: Yacoub Massad in C# on 1/11/2022
Abstract: In this part of the article series, I will continue exploring the F# language, a .NET based functional-first programming language, by using the example of the Tic Tac Toe game.

Tic Tac Toe in F# – Part 2

Authored by: Yacoub Massad in C# on 5/16/2021
Abstract: F# is a.NET based functional-first programming language. In the second part of the tutorial series, I will continue exploring the F# language, by using an example of the Tic Tac Toe game.
Abstract: In this tutorial, I look at the state of the Nullable Reference Types feature in C#, one year after its initial release.

C# 9 - Making your code simpler

Authored by: Damir Arh in C# on 4/10/2021
Abstract: The tutorial introduces a subset of C# 9 features which can make your code shorter and simpler. It concludes with a brief look at what future versions of the language might bring.
Abstract: F# is a .NET based functional-first programming language. In this article series, we will explore the F# language by using the example of the Tic Tac Toe game.
Abstract: This C# tutorial demonstrates how to take advantage of Roslyn to increase the amount of dynamic language features we can use into our programs without compromising on type safety.

Recommended Asynchronous Pattern in .NET

Authored by: Damir Arh in C# on 11/24/2019
Abstract: The recommended pattern for asynchronous programming in the .NET framework is the task-based asynchronous programming (TAP). This tutorial gives a brief info about this pattern.
Abstract: Developers do not need to implement the IEnumerable and IEnumerator interfaces to return an IEnumerable. They can avoid writing all of that code by taking advantage of support for iterators in C#. This tutorial shows how.
Abstract: This tutorial gives an overview of all the new features in C# 8 which can be tried out using Visual Studio 2019.
Abstract: The Absolutely Awesome Book on C# and .NET has released. Built around concepts, this concise 500 pages eBook is available in PDF, ePub (iPad) and Mobi (Kindle) and will help you build a solid foundation in C# and .NET. This book covers C# 6.0, C# 7.0, .NET Framework and .NET Core, with chapters that cover the latest developments to .NET and C# including .NET Standard and C# 8.0.

Less commonly used C# operators

Authored by: Damir Arh in C# on 12/31/2018
Abstract: A tutorial on some less commonly used arithmetic, relational, logical, equality operators in C# and how to use them.
Abstract: This C# tutorial explains how Garbage Collection works in .NET Framework and .NET Core, and some best practices to follow.
Abstract: The .NET framework Base Class Library contains many collection classes. This can make it difficult to decide when to use which. Grouping them together based on their properties can make the choice for a specific scenario, much easier.

The Evolution of C#

Authored by: Damir Arh in C# on 10/22/2018
Abstract: Since its original release in 2002, C# has been regularly updated with new features. Today, we will look at the most important new features of each major language version and explore how the C# code we have been writing, has evolved through years.
Abstract: Can database-style sharding improve the performance of a multi-threaded C# application? This tutorial talks about the performance bottlenecks in sophisticated C# concurrency operations and how sharding can solve these issues.
Abstract: The DotNetCurry team had the opportunity to interview Mads Torgersen, C#’s Lead Language Designer, and find out what’s happening in C#, and where does it go from here.

Dynamic Binding in C#

Authored by: Damir Arh in C# on 6/27/2018
Abstract: Dynamic binding in C# opens some possibilities which would not be available in a strictly strong typed language. This tutorial explores how C# supports dynamic binding.

C# 8.0 – New Planned Features

Authored by: Damir Arh in C# on 5/26/2018
Abstract: In this C# 8 tutorial, I am going to introduce a selection of currently planned features which will most probably end up in the final release. All of the C# 8 features are still early in development and are likely to change.
Abstract: C# 7 has added a number of new features to the language. This tutorial looks at the new features added to the minor versions of C# i.e. C# 7.1, 7.2 and and 7.3.

How Well Do You Know C#?

Authored by: Damir Arh in C# on 2/5/2018
Abstract: Even developers with good C# skills write code that might behave unexpectedly sometimes. This article features several C# code snippets which fall into that category, and explains the reasons behind the surprising behavior.
Abstract: Each newer version of C# is packed full of powerful and impactful features. In this tutorial I walk through the various versions of C# and share my favorite features from each release.
Abstract: Visual Studio 2017 15.3 update was a big milestone for C#. It was the release vehicle for C# 7.1 – the first minor version of C# 7. This article will take a closer look at its new features and the plans for future versions (C# 8) of the language.
Abstract: As a C# developer, you might already be writing some functional code without realizing it. This article describes some of the functional approaches you are already using in C#, as well as some improvements in C# 7 that make functional programming in it, easier.

C# 7 - What's New

Authored by: Damir Arh in C# on 6/7/2017
Abstract: C# 7 is the next version of C#. This article provides an overview of the new features in C# 7.0.
Abstract: The DotNetCurry (DNC) Magazine is a Free bi-monthly .NET magazine. This post contains some frequently asked question and answers to enhance your reading experience.
Abstract: The HashSet collection type was first introduced in C# v3 and with .NET 3.5. This article will explore features of Hashset and also compare its performance with List.
Abstract: The async and await keywords in C# makes asynchronous programming simpler, however one can still use them incorrectly. This article highlights some common mistakes, and gives advice on how to avoid these mistakes.
Abstract: We are thrilled to have Eric Lippert to talk to us once again in our 4th Anniversary edition of the DNC Magazine.

Querying JSON using LINQ

Authored by: Mahesh Sabnis in C# on 7/4/2016
Abstract: JSON.NET is a great framework for working with JSON data. We will perform JSON Serialization and Deserialization operations and query data using LINQ.
Abstract: Microsoft Bot Framework and Cognitive Services are Intelligent API offerings which that allow systems to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret our needs with natural communication

Test Your C# Basics

Authored by: Suprotim Agarwal in C# on 5/3/2016
Abstract: Test your C# Basics around variables, types and operators. Post your answers in the comments section
Abstract: Using Netwonsoft.Json package to work with JSON Serialization and Deserialization operations

Upgrading Existing C# Code to C# 6.0

Authored by: Damir Arh in C# on 12/15/2015
Abstract: C# 6.0 brings many small improvements to the language. However, does it make sense to upgrade your existing C# code base to take advantage of the new C# 6.0 features? Let us find out.
Abstract: Different Types of Constructors in C# - Default, Parameterized, Copy, Static and Private. C# Interview Question No. 1

Code Contracts in C#

Authored by: Pravinkumar Dabade in C# on 8/27/2015
Abstract: Code Contracts API includes classes for static and runtime checks of code and allows you to define preconditions, postconditions, and invariants within a method. The Contracts class is found in the System.Diagnostics namespace.

C# 6.0 What's New

Authored by: Filip Ekberg in C# on 9/22/2014
Abstract: C# 6.0 introduces a number of new features that will make it easier for developers to avoid boilerplate code. We also have a new compiler technology called "Roslyn" which allows us hook in” to the compiler and modify certain behavior as our programs compile.
Abstract: This article demystifies the controversial yet powerful C# Extension Methods and demonstrates some cool examples of extending classes, interfaces, collection classes, enums and ASP.NET MVC and Web API frameworks using Extension Methods.

Zip Archives in C# 5.0 (.NET 4.5)

Authored by: Sumit Maitra in C# on 1/29/2014
Abstract: Compression in the .NET framework has been supported via different libraries in the past (via Open File Conventions) but the support for .zip archives hasn’t quite been complete. With .NET 4.5 and C# 5.0we get a dedicated zip compression library that allows us to manipulate zip libraries fully.
Abstract: The C# Caller Info attributes have primarily been added to aid Logging, Runtime debugging and error handling. In this post, we will see how we can use Log4Net’s rolling file Appender and the Caller Info Attributes to log errors in an application

Async & Await in C# 5.0

Authored by: Filip Ekberg in C# on 3/8/2013
Abstract: This article introduces the new Async and Await pattern for asynchronous development in C# 5.0 and highlights the differences from the traditional practices in place so far.
Abstract: The new keywords async and await introduced in C# 4.5 helps developers to make their asynchronous programming logic less complex and more manageable. In this article, we will see a simple demonstration of the async programming in C# 4.5
Abstract: In this article, we will see how to enumerate a HashTable using an IDictionaryEnumerator.
Abstract: The C# Null Coalescing Operator (??) is a binary operator that simplifies checking for null values. It can be used with both nullable types and reference types. In this article, we will see how to use the Null coalescing operators in practical scenarios.

Writing Efficient String Functions in C#

Authored by: Armando in C# on 2/12/2010
Abstract: To write efficient string handling functions, it is important to understand the characteristics of string objects in C#.
Abstract: In my previous article Getting Ready for .NET 3.5 and LINQ – Exploring C# 3.0 – Part I, we discussed the first five changes from the list of changes in C# 3.0, mentioned below. This article covers the rest of the changes and is targeted towards users who are planning to migrate to .NET 3.5. With .NET 4.0 around the corner, this article will help you get up to date with C# and will facilitate upgrading to .NET 4.0
Abstract: C# 3.0 introduces several language enhancements that are built on C# 2.0. The changes enables the construction of a style that is equally powerful as query languages; generally used to fetch data from relational database management systems and XML files. If you are gearing up to get started with LINQ, then this article is for you. It also serves as a refresher to those who are already familiar with the new features of C# 3.0

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