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Abstract: ScreenCapture class in Windows Phone 8.1 allows you to build screen capturing functionality for your applications. This feature can be useful to understand your end audience and how they interact with your app.
Abstract: Nokia Imaging SDK provides a simple and easy way to implement APIs making it easier for developers to use the SDK in their apps. In this article, we will build a Windows Phone 8 Image filtering application which will allows us to apply various filters and effects to our Images and also enables us to save and share them on Social platform.
Abstract: This article shows how to build Text to Speech Applications in Windows Phone 8.1. It also gives an overview of Cortana, the personal digital assistant.
Abstract: This article introduces the Windows Phone App Studio for Windows 8 phone & desktop and walks us through the features of this powerful little tool.
Abstract: A walkthrough of how we can build an enterprise Windows Phone application which can easily integrate with Office 365 SharePoint site and perform some common tasks
Abstract: In this article, we share some mantras to make Windows Phone Store Ready Apps
Abstract: With the communication capability between WebAPI and Windows Phone, we can easily develop disconnected applications. In this article, we will explore how to use WebAPI on demand.
Abstract: If you are planning to build Line-Of-Business applications for WP7, you can think of implementing the Commanding approach in your applications. Code-less development is a nice benefit provided by Commanding, so the UI can be flexible and need not be compiled if any of the business logic needs to be changed. In the example shown in this article, I have used a simple mechanism to implement commanding in WP7 applications.
Abstract: Windows Phone 7.1 Mango update was released a couple of weeks ago with over 500 new features. We had a new Beta 2 release recently. With all the updates coming at a rapid pace, I had been longing to try out these new updates and this article is the result of my experiments with the Windows Phone SDK. I have created a small application which provides users a color palette, where end-users of the phone can select a color of their choice for settings background color of various controls.
Abstract: In this article, I will be explaining how to do HTTP downloads using WP7 application. Once the content is downloaded, it can be stored in the isolated storage to be used later.
Abstract: The Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Developer Toolkit RTW provides an excellent mechanism to built Rich UX applications on mobile devices (phone). One of the interesting aspect of WP7 programming is that it provides the Silverlight platform for application development.
Abstract: In this article, we will consume a WCF REST service in a Windows Phone 7 application.
Abstract: Windows Phone 7 (WP7) is the upcoming next generation Mobile Operating System by Microsoft. Amongst the many features, one of the nice features is that it has support for Silverlight. So most of the new features like 3-D, Databinding etc. are now available on WP7. In this article I will explain the basic Databinding as well as 3-D feature on Windows Phone 7.
Abstract: In this article we will learn how you can build a Weather application for Windows Phone 7. If this is the first time you are developing for Windows Phone 7, then I strongly suggest you to read this tutorial by ScottGu. The tutorial also talks about the tools required for developing Windows Phone 7 applications.

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