Adding Google Gadgets to your web page in Microsoft Expression Web

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Abstract: You must have seen Google gadgets and perhaps used them in your iGoogle. But now you can have them on your web pages. So you can add a ‘quote of the day’ on your site or display your city’s temperature or display current news, without having to write any code for the same. All this can be done by adding Google gadgets to your web page. This article demonstrates how to add Google gadgets to your web pages in Microsoft Expression Web 2.
Adding Google Gadgets to your web page in Microsoft Expression Web
You must have visited web sites that display current news, weather report, calendar, games and such interesting elements. Well one way to get this on your web site is to code them into your web page and another way is to simply use the free library of Google Gadgets. In this article we will explore the Google gadgets and see how you can add one to your web page.
What are Google Gadgets?
Google gadgets are small objects that offer funky and dynamic content which can be placed on any web page. They allow you to add interesting features that are handy and access some other things on your websites, such as; currency converter, calendar, to-do list, calculator, news, games, etc. By this way you will make your page lively and happening to your visitors. Google offers free Google gadgets for your page.
Choose the gadgets
Google gadgets library offers various gadgets divided in different categories like News, Tools, Communication, Fun & Games, Finance, Sports, Lifestyle, Technology and some new stuff. You can browse through these categories and choose a gadget for your web page.
Get the code for Google Gadget
For our example we will choose the ‘Google Calendar Viewer’ gadget.
Click on ‘Add to your webpage’ and you would be taken to the following page.
Here you can customize your Calendar Viewer gadget. Customization options help you modify your gadget to blend well with your page schema and design. These customization options may differ in different gadgets. Most commonly you can add your own title to the gadget. Its size can also be edited to fit well into the reserved space on your web page. Border styles, color, size and Highlight color could also be set. Changes made could be immediately previewed. When you are done with the customization, click on ‘Get the code’ button. The code will appear in the same window, just below the gadget in a box, as shown here;
The code appears in between the <script> </script> tags. Copy (CTRL + C) the code between the script tags. Make sure you copy the entire code, since the box displays only a part of it, you need to scroll towards right to select the complete code.
Adding the Google Gadget to the web page
This code needs to be added to your web page. Launch Microsoft Expression Web 2 and open the web page where the gadget needs to be added. Use Code view or Split view to add the code. Position your cursor where the gadget is to be added and paste (CTRL + V) the code. You may not be able to see the gadget in the Design view, but do not worry. Save the page and preview it in the browser.
NOTE: If your gadget is not visible when you preview your page, check the code. If you have added the code correctly, the gadget should be visible without any difficulty. In case of any error; for instance ‘Google Error – Not Found’, it may be possible that the Google gadget you are using is not updated or is an older version. Then you will have to browse for a latest version of the gadget.

All in all Google gadgets are an interesting way to make you page attractive with exciting add-ons, but you need to experiment will them to get a good hold of the gadgets.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I thank you for viewing it.

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