What's New in Expression Web 3.0 Service Pack 1.0

Posted by: Minal Agarwal , on 12/4/2009, in Category Expression Web
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Abstract: Microsoft has released Expression Web 3.0 Service Pack 1.0. It is now available for download. This article will give an insight into what the Service Pack 1.0 has to offer.
What's New in Expression Web 3.0 Service Pack 1.0
Microsoft has released the 1st Service Pack for Expression Web 3. Service Pack 1 provides significant improvements in publishing, SuperPreview, file management and fixes for other functions. I have listed them in this article. You can download the English version over here.
I have highlighted the improvements offered in SP1 and the issues that were resolved, along with the installation details and a checklist.
Improvements provided by this service pack:
1.    Extensibility
The good news is thatadd-ins that use the Expression Web object model would be supported.
2.    Root-relative links
The need to hardcode absolute links has been fixed by the support for root-relative links now.
3.    PHP files that do not use the *.php file name extension
Adds support for ‘Drupal’ and ‘CakePHP’ template files. Expression Web 3 SP1 now recognizes .module, .install, .inc, and .ctp as valid PHP extensions.
4.    Application color scheme
The black and gray color scheme has been improved that gives a better appearance to Expression Web 3 and other Expression Studio products. SP1 also allows you to choose a Windows color scheme instead of the default color scheme, using the Application Options.
5.    Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 META tag and Web Slice support
The new code snippets include META tags specific to IE 8 and new Web slice code example. You can access these code snippets from Tools menu – Page Editor Options or by keying in CTRL + Enter in the Code view.
Issues resolved in this service pack:
1.    Problem in which multiple tasks undone by Undo feature.
2.    When you dragged an image from the Folder List panel into the Code view, an invalid link was generated.
3.    Enables you to easily and accurately select text in Design view.
4.    Problem in which Nonstandard and corrupted fonts crashed Expression Web 3.
5.    Tags beginning with <?php were renamed after your renamed a file.
6.    A problem where Japanese characters were altered.
7.    Issue of source file being deleted after you copy it from one instance of Expression Web 3 and paste it into another instance of Expression Web 3.
8.    Restores the ability to drag files into selected folder in the Folder List panel.
9.    Enables connections to each destination without restarting the application when multiple publishing destinations are specified on the same FTP server and when only the user credentials are different for those destinations.
10.Fixes several problems in the workflow between Expression Web and Team Foundation Server.
11.SP 1 shows the correct file status in Publishing view after you publish a site.
12.Updates the file status and publishing log when you use the Publish Selected Files command to publish one or more files. Additionally, Expression Web 3 SP1 displays the publishing progress in the Publishing Status panel.
13.Provides several fixes that make sure that pages accurately display in SuperPreview.
Installation details:
You can download Microsoft Expression Web 3 Service Pack 1 (English) here. Other language Expression Web 3 Service Pack 1.0 downloads:
Supported Operating Systems:
ü Windows 7
ü Windows Vista
ü Windows XP Service Pack 3
How to determine if Service Pack 1 has been installed:
In Expression Web, go to Help menu and click About Microsoft Expression Web
·         If SP 1 is already installed, the following details would be shown:
Microsoft Expression Web 3 Version 3.0.3813.0
·         If SP 1 is not installed, the following details would be shown:
(English Language) Microsoft Expression Web 3 Version 3.0.1762.0
(Non-English Languages) Microsoft Expression Web 3 Version 3.0.1773.0
Download the Service Pack now and get your hands on it.
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This article has been editorially reviewed by Suprotim Agarwal.

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