Building A Color Picker Using ASP.NET MVC And jQuery - Update

Posted by: Malcolm Sheridan , on 1/13/2010, in Category ASP.NET MVC
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Abstract: The following article is a update to the article I published on how to build a color picker using ASP.NET MVC and jQuery.
Building A Color Picker Using ASP.NET MVC And jQuery - Update
Last week I published an article on Building A Color Picker Using ASP.NET MVC And jQuery. I received allot of good feedback from that article, but one reader asked this question:
I like how people are coming up with alternatives for the Ajax Toolkit but one thing I will say in this case is MVC is intended to separate data from the output. It's a huge no no in my mind to add HTML to your controller. The controller returns a JsonResult which means it should be purely Json and not include HTML. Your script should build and render the HTML client-side.
I did blur what really should be returned from an action. I thought I would update the article so that my action only return a JsonResult and not the HTML table.


I've updated the controller to return a list of colors in a generic string collection:
public class ColorController : Controller
      public JsonResult FetchColors()
            var colors = new List<Color>();
            foreach (var color in Enum.GetNames(typeof(KnownColor)))
                var colorValue = ColorTranslator.FromHtml(color);
                var html = string.Format("#{0:X2}{1:X2}{2:X2}",
                                    colorValue.R, colorValue.G, colorValue.B);
                colors.Add(new Color { Html = html});
            return Json(colors.ToArray());
public class Color
      public string Html { get; set; }
VB.NET (Converted)
Public Class ColorController
      Inherits Controller
      <AcceptVerbs(HttpVerbs.Get)> _
      Public Function FetchColors() As JsonResult
             Dim colors = New List(Of Color)()
                  For Each color In System.Enum.GetNames(GetType(KnownColor))
                        Dim colorValue = ColorTranslator.FromHtml(color)
                        Dim html = String.Format("#{0:X2}{1:X2}{2:X2}", colorValue.R, colorValue.G, colorValue.B)
                        colors.Add(New Color With {.Html = html})
                  Next color
                  Return Json(colors.ToArray())
      End Function
End Class
Public Class Color
      Private privateHtml As String
      Public Property Html() As String
                  Return privateHtml
            End Get
            Set(ByVal value As String)
                  privateHtml = value
            End Set
      End Property
End Class
Now the action is return purely what the return type is and that is JSON. This means the rendering of the table is in the hands of the front end. Thankfully there's a jQuery library called jTemplates. Quite simply jTemplates is a template engine for jQuery. You create a template and pass it data, and it renders it for you. Sweet! 
Here's the updated View:
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
        $(function() {
            $("#SelectColor").click(function() {
                $.getJSON("/Color/FetchColors", null, function(data) {
            $("td").live("mouseover", (function() {
                $("#Sample").css("background-color", $(this).css("background-color"));
                $(this).css("cursor", "pointer");
            $("td").live("click", function() {
    <input type="text" id="SelectedColor" name="SelectedColor" readonly="readonly" />
    <img src="/Content/Images/cp_button.png" alt="Pick a color" align="absmiddle" id="SelectColor" />
    <span id="Sample">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</span><br /><br />
    <div id="Colors"></div> 
I've modified the code above to use jQuery's $.getJSON function:
$.getJSON("/Color/FetchColors", null, function(data) {
When data it returned from the server, I pass a template to jTemplates:
Then I run processTemplate, which basically means render the template now:
And finally here's the template file:
            {#foreach $T as color}
                <td bgcolor="{$T.color.Html}">&nbsp;</td>
Nice and simple. Now the action returns only JSON and the front end renders the HTML. This is a much better way to implement this code. Thanks to you the readers for pointing out pieces that we miss. It makes us all better programmers. The entire source code of this article can be downloaded over here

This article has been editorially reviewed by Suprotim Agarwal.

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Thank you boss! This article is very good
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may be your sourcode zip file is broken I counld't open it ,can you email it to me please
Comment posted by Lucky on Monday, July 23, 2012 9:14 AM
Hi, it is not working on my side.....!!! it seems like the template file "Templates/ColorPicker.htm" is not at correct place...

But I have downloaded ur source code and Even it is also not working...
do u have any idea what is going wrong...???
Comment posted by Mark Austen on Thursday, February 20, 2014 3:47 AM
The sample download code doesn't work because the author screwed it up. The code uploaded does not match the article. If you look at the ColorController you can see that it is from the original article not the updated version.

Wakey, wakey Micheal at least try to get it right.







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