Setting the Page Editor Options in Microsoft Expression Web 3 (Part I)

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Abstract: With Page Editor Options you can specify settings for various Microsoft Expression Web features. In this article we will explore few tabs of the Page Editor Options dialog box.
Setting the Page Editor Options in Microsoft Expression Web 3 (Part I)
The Page Editor Options dialog box in Microsoft Expression Web lets you set options that will help you while working with your pages. These options could throw warnings for any problems or help you customize the behavior of the working environment.
The options are categorized into various tabs. I would cover these tabs in a series of articles. In this article we will explore the General, Auto Thumbnail and Default Fonts tab of the Page Editor Options dialog box.
NOTE: There have been some changes in the Page Editor Options since Expression Web 1. This article will focus on Expression Web 3. But I will talk about about few options available in older versions where necessary.
To launch the Page Editor Options dialog box, go to Tools > Page Editor Options…
The options are divided into various tabs as per their type.
General Tab:
a.    Automatically enclose form fields within a form – To automatically nest tags for form fields such as input box, submit button or text area.
b.    Assign unique IDs to new tables – To automatically define new ID (id attribute) for new tables created. This will help site visitors import data from table to a spreadsheet. Though I have not tried doing this.
c.    Make ID unique on paste – To generate unique IDs when you copy and paste elements that already have an ID.
d.    Use <strong> and <em> when using bold and italic toolbar buttons – Use <strong> and <em> instead of <b> and <i> which may rather be deprecated.
e.    Automatically switch keyboard to match language of surrounding text – To automatically switch the active keyboard to match the language of the text where the cursor is currently placed.
f.     Prompt for accessibility properties when inserting images – When you insert an image in the page, Expression Web automatically displays the Accessibility Properties dialog box where you can enter an alternative text for the image.
Spelling section
a.    Spelling Options button – Launches the Spelling Options dialog box as shown below:
Configure above options for spell check in Expression Web.
TIP: Un-tick the radio button for ‘Ignore words in UPPERCASE’.
b.    Default Page Language – Choose the language to be used by the Spell Checker.
Cut and Paste Options section
a.    Show Paste Options button – Choose to display the Paste Options button when you paste elements or text on your page. For more details on Paste Options read here.
Code View Options section: - These apply only to the code view.
a.    Word wrap – wraps the text to the document window. This helps you get rid of the horizontal scrollbar.
b.    Auto Indent – When you indent the first line of code, this feature automatically indents the next lines of code.
c.    Line numbers – displays line numbers next to each line of code.
d.    Selection margin – displays a thin margin next to the code in the window. It helps you select the lines of code just by dragging your mouse pointer over it.
e.    Highlight invalid HTML – highlights the invalid HTML code in red font with yellow background. You can change this color scheme in the Color Coding tab of the same Page Editor Options dialog box.
f.     Highlight incompatible HTML – displays a wavy line beneath the code that isn’t compatible with the HTML schema.
TIP: I would recommend you tocheck both the options e. and f. They’ll be a lot of help.
NOTE: In the earlier version, e. and f. were categorized under Status Bar. Any HTML error would display a warning on the status bar as ‘Code Error Detected’.
Security Options section
a.    Allow unsigned ActiveX controls to be run and prompt for permission to run them - allows Expression Web to run unsigned ActiveX controls with prompts. But you should not run unknown or unsigned ActiveX control unless you trust the publisher.
b.    Clear ActiveX Security Settings – clears the list of unknown and unsigned ActiveX controls that you have set Expression Web to allow to run.
Auto Thumbnail Tab
This tab allows you to set the dimensions, border and bevel to the thumbnails.
Default Fonts Tab
Here you can choose the font Expression Web should use for each language when no font is explicitly specified for the text. So you can set a font for Design and Code view.
I am sure these options would help you while working with your web pages. My next article would cover some more Page Editor Options.I hope this article was helpful and that you enjoyed reading it.If you liked the article,  Subscribe to the RSS Feed or Subscribe Via Email
If you liked the article,  Subscribe to the RSS Feed or Subscribe Via Email

This article has been editorially reviewed by Suprotim Agarwal.

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