Dobromir Nikolov is a software developer working mainly with Microsoft technologies, with his specialty being enterprise web applications and services. Very driven towards constantly improving the development process, he is an avid supporter of functional programming and test-driven development. In his spare time, you’ll find him tinkering with Haskell, building some project on GitHub (, or occasionally talking in front of the local tech community.

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Abstract: Creating and distributing Visual Studio templates is hard. You need to get familiar with custom XML formats, the VSIX project type, and Visual Studio’s occasionally eccentric behavior. Now you don’t waste time with that. Learn how you can instantly extract a ready-to-go template out of your existing solution using solution-snapshotter.
Abstract: Integration testing is getting more and more popular amongst ASP.NET Core developers who care about shipping quality products. Real-time functionality is now a norm and is included in the requirements of modern web applications. Learn how you can incorporate these two concepts by building a robust integration tests infrastructure using SignalR and Kestrel.
Abstract: The article talks about type expressiveness and how we can use the functional Either monad in C# to implement complex business logic that reads as simply as a description of sequential operations. We’ll also look at a technique that allows us to express a complex scenario involving multiple systems as pseudocode and then convert that pseudocode into something we can actually ship to production.