Francesco Abbruzzese (@F_Abbruzzese) implements ASP.NET MVC applications, and offers consultancy services since the beginning of this technology. He is the author of the famous Mvc Controls Toolkit, and his company ( offers tools, and services for ASP.NET MVC. He moved from decision support systems for banks and financial institutions, to the Video Games arena, and finally started his .NET adventure with the first .NET release. He also writes about .NET technologies in his blog:

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Abstract: Use the DocumentDB Nuget package to quickly build a simple but complete ASP.NET MVC core application based on Azure Cosmos DB.
Abstract: Integrate Knockout.js and ASP.NET Core to build a Single Page Application (SPA). Also learn to define components for Razor based Views and enhance Razor pages with client side bindings.
Abstract: Build a complete ASP.NET MVC Core web application from the DB layer to the UI using the Mvc Controls toolkit core free library. We will also show data from a database in a paged Grid with filtering/sorting/grouping and add/edit/delete capabilities.
Abstract: Target UMD, globals and ES6 platforms simultaneously using a single TypeScript library and a simple Node.js script