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Abstract: When Silverlight 3 RTW was released, there were a couple of changes made from Silverlight 3 Beta. One of the main changes was the controls which were supported. There were some controls which were supported by the beta SDK but are not there in the RTW SDK (ex DataForm). So I thought of writing this article and list all the controls available inside Silverlight 3 RTW Runtime and SDK.
Abstract: In my previous article Getting Ready for .NET 3.5 and LINQ – Exploring C# 3.0 – Part I, we discussed the first five changes from the list of changes in C# 3.0, mentioned below. This article covers the rest of the changes and is targeted towards users who are planning to migrate to .NET 3.5. With .NET 4.0 around the corner, this article will help you get up to date with C# and will facilitate upgrading to .NET 4.0
Abstract: C# 3.0 introduces several language enhancements that are built on C# 2.0. The changes enables the construction of a style that is equally powerful as query languages; generally used to fetch data from relational database management systems and XML files. If you are gearing up to get started with LINQ, then this article is for you. It also serves as a refresher to those who are already familiar with the new features of C# 3.0