Todd Crenshaw is a Systems and SharePoint Administrator for an energy company located in Dallas, Texas. Todd has worked in IT for 30+ years and has experience covering all Windows platforms, several flavors of UNIX, and IBM’s AS/400 series. On the application side, Todd’s managed SharePoint 2007/10, Exchange 6.x, several different flavors of enterprise backup software. Over the past 6 years Todd has been involved with SharePoint in the administration and Power User roll where he has pushed the limits of SharePoint workflows and InfoPath. Todd also provides training through his co-partnered company Todd can be reached through LinkedIn and maintains his own SharePoint blog at here

Todd Crenshaw has written 4 articles, which have been read 142330 times.
Abstract: This article demonstrates the steps of an actual in-production system that any SharePoint admin/site developer can provide an employer with little to no code. The concept is the use of multiple applications to provide a complete solution, using little to no code if possible. This helps to keep costs down and provides a quick solution for non-critical application needs.
Abstract: This article provides an opinion from the point of view of a 30 year IT veteran about Content Management and SharePoint.
Abstract: Debugging workflows in SharePoint can be a tedious task due to the absence of a true debug tool. In this article, I will show you some tools and procedures that can be used in SharePoint to create a sort of debugging method and process trail.
Abstract: This article shows how to use InfoPath for a table data entry view simulating the look of the ASP.NET repeater control. This article uses the rules and format controls in InfoPath.