V Keerti Kotaru is an author and a blogger. He has authored two books on Angular and Material Design. He was a Microsoft MVP (2016-2019) and a frequent contributor to the developer community. Subscribe to V Keerti Kotaru's thoughts at his Twitter account. Checkout his past blogs, books and contributions at kvkirthy.github.io/showcase.

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Abstract: This tutorial demonstrates the Memoization technique via three implementations - JavaScript, Angular and React.js
Abstract: This Angular 10 Cheatsheet tutorial details significant changes in Angular 9 and some new features introduced in Angular 10. It also contains info to upgrade to Angular 10.
Abstract: Routing is an important aspect of building a SPA (Single Page Application). In this two-part Basic to Advanced tutorial on Angular Routing, we will discuss all the important components required to implement routing in your applications.
Abstract: This Angular tutorial summarizes the evolution process of the Angular.js framework. It attempts to look back at the original context of Angular application development and how it has progressed. It covers Angular 1.x, v2, v4, v5 and Angular version 6.
Abstract: Explore advanced scenarios with the HTTP Client in Angular. In this tutorial, we add headers and parameters to the request, access the response object, work with the HTTPEvent, and look at Interceptors in Angular.
Abstract: Learn the basics of making HTTP calls over GET/POST/PUT/DELETE methods in an Angular application. Also explore error handling scenarios and solutions for separating presentation logic from service API integration details.
Abstract: ES8 or ES2017 is the eighth version of the JavaScript language specification created to offer new features and ways of working with JavaScript. This article talks about the new features in ES8/ES 2017.
Abstract: This Angular cheat sheet is a quick reference to get you going with Angular development. It uses Angular v4 with TypeScript.
Abstract: In this tutorial, we will explore how to develop an Angular 4 application using TypeScript. We will also explore Angular 4 New Features, Angular CLI, as well as differences between Angular v2 vs 4 application development.
Abstract: The Ionic framework is one of the most popular hybrid mobile application frameworks. This tutorial focuses on building a simple hybrid app using Ionic 2, Angular 2 and TypeScript.