Configuring and using BING and Bubble Office Apps in Excel 2013

Posted by: Pravinkumar Dabade , on 1/8/2013, in Category Office Apps
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Abstract: In this article, we will use the “Bing Maps” and “Bubble” Office apps in Excel 2013.

Did you know that you can now build a new class of apps for Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013? This can be done by visiting the Office store from where you can download different apps for office 2013. In this article, we will first configure Office 2013 apps in Microsoft Excel 2013. Then we will see how to use these apps in our excel workbook.


To configure Office apps in Excel 2013, we will have to download and install the apps. First of all we will open Excel 2013 as shown below –


Once Excel 2013 is opened, click on a Blank Workbook. Then click on the “Insert” ribbon. Under the “Insert” ribbon, you will find a dropdown box “Apps for Office”. Click on dropdown arrow and click on the “See All” link as shown below –



Once you click on “See All”, you will find all the “Featured” apps as shown below –


To see more apps for Excel 2013, click here

You can add these apps for Excel 2013 by clicking on the “Add” link. Once you click on the “Add” link, you will see the details of that app as shown below –


Clicking on “Add” button may prompt you to login if you have not already logged in with “Live ID”. I have added a “Bing Maps” app by following above steps.

If you click on “OFFICE STORE” link under “Insert App” a message may appear that says “Please Sign in with a valid profile to see apps” as shown below –


To sign in with a valid profile, click on the “User” icon on top right hand side of Excel 2013 as shown below –


Click on Switch Account, Personal and sign in with “Live ID” as shown below


Once you log in, go to “Apps for Office” and click on “Office Store” link. Now you will see “Bing Maps”. Click on “Bing Maps” and click on “Insert” button. The Bings Map will be added into your Excel Sheet.

Now let’s add some data into our Excel Sheet as shown below –


Please note that the above data is not accurate and is for demonstration purposes only. Also note that Bing Map app requires the latest browser that is “Internet Explorer 9”. Other browsers like Firefox 12, Safari 5, Chrome 18  are also supported. You can find the list of supported browsers from here

If you have not installed IE 9, then first of all update your browser. Once you are done, your Bing Map app will show you a tool bar as shown below –


Now select the data from our excel sheet and click on “Plot Locations”. That’s all. Bing map app will automatically refresh the data you selected and display it as shown below –


Now if you click on any of the Pie chart, you will see the details of the location –


Now click on the “Settings” as shown in above tool bar. In the settings pane, you can change the –

1. Map Type.

2. Multiple Data Point Display.

3. Show Legend.

4. Change the Pin colour.

You can also filter the visualization by clicking on “Filters” from the toolbar as shown below –


Now let’s add a “Bubbles” app by following similar steps which are mentioned above. Once you get the app in our “OFFICE STORE”, insert the same in our Excel sheet as shown below –


Now click on “Select Table” bubble and select our population table. Once you select the population table, the “Bubbles” app will look similar to the following –


And that’s it. With just some clicks and easy configuration, we have used “Bing Maps” and “Bubble” Office apps in Excel 2013.

This article has been editorially reviewed by Suprotim Agarwal.

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