WPF 4: Changing DataGrid Cell Appearance on Mouse Events

Posted by: Mahesh Sabnis , on 10/28/2011, in Category WPF
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Abstract: This article shows how to use property triggers in WPF to apply styles to the DataGrid at runtime.
I was having a discussion with one of my clients about changing the appearance of the WPF DataGrid Cell, when a certain condition is met. His requirement was that a WPF application contains a DataGrid which displays Sales data. When a user wants to focus on a specific Quarter sales for a specific product, then the Cell containing the Sales data should be highlighted. Now this is a typical requirement where you can easily apply effects on the DataGrid cell using Property Triggers. In WPF, we can target Styles to a specific UI element using which the UI can be dynamically manipulated.

Let us get started.

Step 1: Open VS2010 and create a WPF application. Add the following XAML code in MainWindow.xaml:

WPF DataGrid Style

Step 2: In the code-behind (MainWindow.xaml.cs) add the following code:

WPF DataGrid Style Collection

The above code defines a ProductSales class and its collection. Bind this collection with the DataGrid in the Windows Loaded event as below:


Step 3: Open MainWindow.xaml and add the following style in the Windows Resources section.

Datagrid Windows Resources

The above XAML code contains a Style targeted to the DatGridCell. The property for applying the Style is defined as ‘IsMouseOver’. If you observe, the Style does not have any key (x:key) set for it. This means that the style defined can now be applied on every DataCell of the DataGrid.

Step 4: Run the application and hover the mouse over the DataGrid Cell. The result will be as shown below:

WPF DataGrid Cell

The entire source code of this article can be downloaded
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This article has been editorially reviewed by Suprotim Agarwal.

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