Silverlight, WPF, Wp7, ASP.NET, SharePoint Articles in July 2011

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Abstract: This post showcases some articles that were published on in July on ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC 3, SharePoint, Silverlight, WPF, Visual Studio, WCF, LINQ and other .NET technologies.

This post showcases some articles that were published on in July on Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, ASP.NET, SharePoint, WCF, LINQ and other .NET technologies.

Here’s an article roundup for the month of July 2011.  

Articles on Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone 7

 Microsoft Silverlight 4 Tutorials You Must Read - In this link list, I plan to share 70 Silverlight Tutorials written by authors of DotNetCurry and DevCurry that should be helpful for every Silverlight developer out there.

Windows Phone 7.1: Developing a Color Palette - Windows Phone 7.1 Mango update was released a couple of weeks ago with over 500 new features. We had a new Beta 2 release recently. With all the updates coming at a rapid pace, I had been longing to try out these new updates and this article is the result of my experiments with the Windows Phone SDK. I have created a small application which provides users a color palette, where end-users of the phone can select a color of their choice for settings background color of various controls.

Windows Phone 7.1 - Codeless Development using Commanding - If you are planning to build Line-Of-Business applications for WP7, you can think of implementing the Commanding approach in your applications. Code-less development is a nice benefit provided by Commanding, so the UI can be flexible and need not be compiled if any of the business logic needs to be changed. In the example shown in this article, I have used a simple mechanism to implement commanding in WP7 applications.

WPF 4: Custom Command and Command Parameter for TextBox using Prism 4 - Using Prism 4 application libraries, it is possible for us to attach custom Command and Behavior to any control. This supports code-less application development. In this article, we will use this concept to attach command and behaviour to a WPF Text Box.

WPF 4.0 : Editable ListBox using Commanding for Data Templates - This article demonstrates that in case of complex data representations like an Editable ListBox, using ItemsControls, we can easily configure Commanding for DataTemplates.

Silverlight 4.0: Applying TextChange behavior to the TextBox - This article demonstrated how to define a custom behavior and extend the functionality of the Silverlight controls like the TextBox

Excel like Filtering in Silverlight DataGrid - Microsoft Excel is a popular product and it’s very common for end-users to expect a similar experience in any grid like control they use. The same goes for the Silverlight DataGrid where users expect a similar experience when it comes to filtering records. In this article, to create an excel filtering like experience in a Silverlight DataGrid, I am using a ControlTemplate using which you can add any kind of a UI element like the ComboxBox in the header.

Silverlight 4.0: Applying Data Templates on ListBox at Runtime - DataTemplates in Silverlight are typically used for visual representation of your data. They are particularly useful when you are binding an ItemsControl such as a ListBox to a collection. I was recently asked to make use of a DataTemplate on a ListBox at runtime, for performing Update operations. In this article, I have demonstrated how to declare DataTemplates in XAML and to read and apply them at runtime


Articles on ASP.NET and SharePoint

ASP.NET: Loop Statements in WebMatrix and Razor - Microsoft WebMatrix utilizes the new Razor syntax. All programming languages use the Loop constructs and the same goes for WebMatrix programming too. If you are new to the razor syntax, it could be confusing at times to remember programming constructs in Razor. This article aims at giving you a basic loop programming concept overview if you are using WebMatrix.

SharePoint 2010 Tutorials For Beginners and Intermediate Developers - In this article, we will walk you through a bunch of tutorials written by DotNetCurry authors that cover various features of SharePoint 2010. We will explore how to create and use SharePoint 2010 sites, create lists and libraries, create SharePoint Dashboards with Performance Point, SharePoint Silverlight integration, SharePoint Office integration, and solutions for workflows, dashboards and Business Intelligence.

WCF to the rescue: Fixing bad performing BDC connectors in SharePoint - Although WCF is a little tougher to configure than SharePoint BDC connectors, once you get the hang of it, WCF services are fun to write and your performance will sure to improve! In this article, I will provide a boilerplate WCF service that will get you started.


Other .NET Articles

 Converting a LINQ query to PLINQ - PLINQ provides support for Parallel programming and is closely related to the Task Parallel Library. In very simple words, PLINQ enables a query to automatically take advantage of multiple processors. In this article, we will see a simple example of transforming a LINQ query to PLINQ.

View Internal CLR Details using the .NET SOS Debugger Extension - In this article, we will explore some SOS Debugger Extensions commands to give you an overview of how easy it is to use the commands to view the details of the internal CLR Environment. 

Add Automatic Exception Reporting To Your .Net Software - Allow End-Users To Report Bugs Easily - Software development and bugs go hand-in-hand. Therefore, it is crucial when an error or exception occurs on the end-user's site that you get to know about them. Automatic Exception Reporting facilitates and increases the ease with which end-users can report bugs to you. At the same time, it provides a lot of pertinent information which you can use to resolve the problem quickly and easily. Automatic Exception Reporting can dramatically improve the customer satisfaction and sales of your software.

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