Learn Node.js, ES6, jQuery, AngularJS and HTML5

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Abstract: A list of tutorials to learn Node.js, EcmaScript 6 (ES6), jQuery, AngularJS, and HTML5.

The JavaScript landscape has grown and matured drastically in the past several years. With support from the web community which consists of seasoned developers; new JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and utilities have taken the web by storm. While it is not possible to cover every JavaScript library and Framework out there, we have compiled a list of articles authored by DotNetCurry authors which will make it easier for you to get started and master some of these existing frameworks and Libraries. We will be covering Node.js, EcmaScript 6 (ES6), jQuery, AngularJS, and HTML5.

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Learn ECMAScript 6

ECMAScript 6 – New language improvements in JavaScript

ECMAScript 6 – New Objects and Updates to Existing Objects

Modules in ECMAScript 6 (ES6)

Asynchronous Programming in ES6 Using Generators and Promises

Learn Node.js

Node.js Tutorial Series - Getting Started

Node.js Serving HTML pages and Static content

Using Node.js to build REST APIs

Node.js Modules System

Node.js: Understanding NPM

Using Underscore.js in Node.js Apps

Connecting to MongoDB from Node.js using MongoDB driver

Connecting to MongoDB using Mongoose

Create a Web Server using Node.js

Read a CSV file using Node.js

Using the DNS module in Node.js

Using Node.js to Write data to a CSV file

Upload Files using Node.js

Process Data over HTTP in Node.js

Using Promises in Node.js Applications

Unit testing Node.js Applications using Mocha

Implement Data Serialization using Node.js for JSON Data

Create a WebSocket Server Using Node.js

Calling Externally Hosted Service using Node.js

Learn jQuery

Getting started with jQuery and jQuery UI – Back to Basics

Getting started with jQuery $.ajax() – Back to Basics

JSON and JSONP in jQuery - Back to Basics

Using jQuery to Submit a Form Using Ajax

Important Tips Every jQuery Developer Should Know

Authoring your First jQuery Plugin

Create a jQuery Plugin to display a Running Counter

Add Notifications in your Website using jQuery

Automatically add Commas to a Number in a TextBox

Timer Based Animations using jQuery

Moving Items from One Multi Select List To Another using jQuery

Create a Responsive Image Carousel using Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery

Create a Responsive jQuery Flickr Image Gallery with Lazyloading

jQuery Input Control (TextBox) Performance Tips

jQuery Checkbox and Radio Button Miscellaneous Tips

Using jQuery to Sort and Paginate a Table

Create a jQuery Plugin to Sort and Paginate a Table

Using jQuery to Perform Calculations in a Table

Auto Collapsible Nested TreeView using jQuery

jQuery TreeView with Expand Collapse Icons

Validate a Form using jQuery and Bootstrap Validator

jQuery UI DatePicker - Tips and Tricks

jQuery UI TextBox AutoComplete with Remote Data Source (Back to Basics)

Advanced Scenarios with the jQuery UI

Learn AngularJS

Project Tracking Website using AngularJS and ASP.NET Web API

Working with AngularJS Controllers - (Project Tracking Website Part III)

Working with AngularJS Views and Directives - (Project Tracking Website Part IV)

Working with AngularJS Services - (Project Tracking Website Part V)

Working with AngularJS Routing - (Project Tracking Website Part VI)

Completing Project Tracking website using AngularJS and Web API - Part VII

Validating a Form using Angular Validation Directives

The Ultimate AngularJS CheatSheet - Part 1

The Ultimate AngularJS CheatSheet - Part 2 (Intermediate to Advanced Developers)

Creating Graphics Using SVG and AngularJS

Angular 2: Developer Preview

Multiple Async calls to ASP.NET Web API using Angular.js $q.all()

Using Angular.js with Bower and Require.js in Visual Studio

Learn HTML 5 & Other JavaScript Libraries

2D and 3D HTML5 charts using Google Charts API

Getting Started with Web Components

HTML 5 Offline Applications

HTML5 Video with Subtitles  

Read a Local File using HTML5 and JavaScript

HTML5 Geolocation API - Getting Started

Reading a Local File using HTML5 and JavaScript

HTML5 Picture Element for Responsive Images

HTML5 Client Side Storage (Local Storage and Session Storage)

Creating Charts using HTML5 and SVG

What’s new in TypeScript 1.4 and 1.5

Backbone.js at a Glance

Hello.js Social Media

Using Mustache.js for Templating

Hope you enjoyed this list!!

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