Learn Visual Studio 2015, Azure with MVC, C#, UWP and More

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Abstract: A compilation of our best Visual Studio 2015, Windows Azure with MVC, C#, Software Gardening, Design Patterns, WPF and UWP articles authored in 2015.

Visual Studio 2015 is a fully-featured, and extensible IDE for creating web applications and cloud services, as well as modern applications for Windows, Android, and iOS. You can get it for Free as the Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition. There is also a free stripped down version of Visual Studio available for Open Source Developers called Visual Studio Code. You can learn about Visual Studio 2015 in the list given below.

Windows Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform that can be used with frameworks like ASP.NET MVC to create some amazing web applications on the cloud. We have compiled a list of useful articles that shows how to build secure ASP.NET MVC apps on the cloud and more.

We also have a bunch of Software Gardening, C#, Design Patterns, WPF, WCF articles to get you up and running with best practices and latest trends in software development. Windows 10 introduces a completely new different way of developing apps targeting multiple devices and it is called UWP apps or Universal Windows Platform apps. We have added a couple of UWP articles (with more on its way) to get you started with UWP.

Hope you enjoy this compilation!

Visual Studio 2015, VSO and TFS

Visual Studio 2015: Some Exciting New Features for Developers

Diagnostic Analyzers in Visual Studio 2015

Create Your First Diagnostic Analyzer in Visual Studio 2015

Visual Studio 2015 New Debugging Features

Visual Studio Online with Git

Customizing Test Plan and Test Suite Work Items using Visual Studio

Continuous Delivery on Windows Azure Websites using Visual Studio Online (VSO)

Using Grunt, Gulp and Bower in Visual Studio 2013 and 2015

Smart Unit Tests in Visual Studio 2015

Using REST APIs of TFS and Visual Studio Online

Using new XAML tools with Visual Studio 2015

New Build Features in TFS 2015 and Visual Studio Online

Build Customization in Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2015

Windows Azure with MVC

DevOps on Azure - ASP .NET, Linux, Chef, Puppet and More

Internet of Things (IoT), JavaScript and Azure – The Way Ahead

Configuring ADFS in Azure Virtual Machine for implementing Authentication in ASP .NET MVC

Using ADFS with Azure for Single Sign-On in ASP .NET MVC

Configure ASP.NET MVC to use Multiple ADFS using OWIN KATANA

Hosting multi ADFS configured ASP.NET MVC Website in Azure WebApps and Cloud Service Roles (New Azure portal)

Using Auth0 in ASP.NET MVC to achieve multiple ADFS authentication in Azure

Azure Blob Storage Snapshots using Client Library and REST APIs

Continuous Delivery on Windows Azure Websites using Visual Studio Online (VSO)

Securing ASP.NET MVC applications using Windows Azure Active Directory

Using Azure Storage API in an ASP .NET MVC Application

Using Windows Azure Mobile Services in ASP .NET MVC

Using Windows Azure Service Bus for communication across two ASP.NET MVC Applications

Deploying ASP.NET MVC Web Site on Windows Azure

C#, Design Patterns and More

.NET Design Patterns – A Fresh Look

Upgrading Existing C# Code to C# 6.0

Agile is not for the faint of heart

Software Gardening: Harvesting (Continuous Delivery Techniques)

Code Refactoring in Visual Studio (Software Gardening - Pruning)

Single Responsibility Principle (Software Gardening: Seeds)

Open-Closed Principle (Software Gardening: Seeds)

12 Unit Testing Myths and Practices

Code Contracts in C#

Different Types of Constructors in C#

C# Extension Methods Demystified

WPF and UWP apps

WPF ItemsControl Fundamentals

WPF ItemsControl – Advanced

Build a Windows 10 Universal App – First Look

Universal Windows 10 Platform (UWP) Sound Cloud Music App for Windows Phone & Raspberry Pi2

Service Oriented Solutions using MSMQ and WCF

Custom Commanding Behavior in WPF TextBox using System.Windows.Interactivity namespace

Using WPF 4.5 to implement a Responsive UI with Asynchronous Operations

Use the comments section to tell us what do you want to learn in 2016! We promise to read every comment, discuss and act upon it.

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